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Our parent company Vets Village Membership Services, org was founded by military veterans with the initial purpose of assisting fellow vets in reintegrating into civilian life after military service. Over time we have broadened our scope to encompass all Americans and permanent residents aiming to help them raise their FICO scores.

We fight for your good credit!

By elevating their credit scores we can improve their chances of qualifying for a mortgage loan and affording other major purchases. Our organization is non-profit and strives to provide the necessary resources and support through participating partners to ensure that all 800plusclub members have an opportunity to own a home and attain their desired financial stability.

Our goal is to get your scores to the 800+ range!

Top Non-Profit Organization to Help Veterans

Interested in improving their credit and FICO scores

Over 1 million Americans helped by our program

The 800plusclub sponsored by Vets Village Membership Services and its associated partners have been instrumental in assisting over one million individuals in achieving their FICO goals and beyond! By becoming a member of 800plusclub and contributing to Vets Village Membership Services.org you not only support our cause by you access the valuable benefits of Vets Village membership.

It's Not Just for Vets anymore!

Vets Village benefits include over $1,500 in savings on your grocery purchases each year by shopping at your neighborhood stores, assistance with loans, credit repair services, help with disability claims, and many other benefits. With the 800plusclub and Vets Village, we make a difference in the lives of veterans and all other members by simultaneously improving your financial standing while you enjoy the perks of membership in Vets Village.

$10/36 Donation Plan

Our $10/36 Donation Plan is a fantastic opportunity for you to become a lifetime member of Vets Village,


What do they say?

My dad is a veteran and he is a member of Vets Village. That's how I found out about 800plusclub. I joined and immediately began working with experts in the field of credit repair to remove some old negative information that was still on my credit reports since college. The program is working now. I see improvement in all three credit reports monthly. I know that soon I will get to the 800 plus range just like they promised. Thank you Vets Village and 800plusclub!

- Anna Jenkins Member

I am amazed with the rapid results of my credit repair and FICO improvement program. The problem with most people and their credit scores is that there is much confusion out there and they truly don't know how or where to begin. 800plusclub and their partners are dedicating to helping to simplify credit information and help you get to your FICO score goals!

Danny Lores Amazed by great results!

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